Looking to get your merchandise into stores?

RETAIL, DOMESTIC:  JSR sells wholesale to roughly 6,400 retail stores in the US alone.  This includes 1,500 indie music and lifestyle stores, 400 regional chain stores, and over 4,500 national chain stores and mass market stores.  These accounts are serviced through an established network of outside independent sales reps and inhouse telemarketers.  Note- all merchandise companies use the same outside sales reps; the only merchandising companies with an advantage are those that use an inhouse sales force, as we do (JSR  is one of only 2 companies to use inhouse sales reps).

RETAIL, INTERNATIONAL:  JSR has partners in foreign territories to facilitate sales of our licensed products; in territories where we don’t have a specific partner, we sell directly to retail establishments.  In Canada, we use Philco’s for our distribution.  In Europe, we use 2 primary distributors-  Merchland, located in Hamburg, Germany, and Razamataz, located in the UK.  JSR sells directly to Japan, Australia/New Zealand, and South America.

SUBLICENSING: The items that JSR does not manufacture are subbed out to various specialty companies around the country.  These companies manufacture everything from refrigerator magnets to flags to jewelry.  Many of these companies have exclusives with chains like Hot Topic and Spencer Gifts.