Tour merchandise is incredibly important today because so much of a band’s income is derived from this, and with tours getting shorter and shorter it is imperative to get it right the first time.

It is very important to get the product line correct- if a particular item doesn’t sell well, then money is wasted in freight, carrying costs, and dead inventory. The designs themselves make a huge difference too.

save Money Tour merchandise

JSR helps its clients get the correct product mix to maximize tour merchandise revenue.

There are 2 ways to handle tour merchandise- through tour supply, and using a net split partnership.

Looking to maximize your tour merchandise profit?

Your best bet is to use our tour supply service.

  • JSR prints and ships shirts to the band on the road (we’re used to tight deadlines)
  • The band pays for the shirts
  • The band takes care of all tour sales
  • The band keeps 100% of the profits.

Looking for the full package and less work?

JSR goes above and beyond traditional tour supply though– we assist the band with inventory control, controlling freight costs, and international shipping for those Canadian dates everyone plays.

The tour net split partnership is generally used when the tour is too large for the band to handle itself.

  • JSR sends out one of our tour merch guys with a truck (or not if the merch rides in the production truck) and handles all tour merchandise for the band.
  • At the end of the tour, all the revenues and costs are entered into a P&L statement, costs are reimbursed to the appropriate parties (ie cost of bus bunk or truck space)
  • The net revenue is split according to a previously agreed upon percentage, such as 75/25 (where the band gets 75% of the net profits and the merch company gets 25%).
  • The band will not make as much money as the tour supply situation, but it is very convenient if the tour is large enough and management has far too many other things to worry about.

One big advantage of the net split approach is that it strongly encourages both parties to keep costs at a minimum in order to maximize revenues.

We provide excel settlement sheets which keep a running inventory of all products and enables us to be proactive when they are emailed to us on a daily basis from the road.  This prevents the all too common situations where the band runs out of shirts and has to wait 4 days for printing and shipping.  JSR also has a large list of road merch guys who we’ve worked with for years and highly recommend- we are always happy to recommend someone for a specific tour.