Whether you have some unsold tour merchandise that needs to be sold off, or you are looking for your own branded web store with 30 or 40 products, JSR can help you sell your merchandise online.

Web Stores For BandsIf you have a small amount of merchandise returned from tour, we can add them to our own store and sell them off for you. Simple and easy.

If you’re consistently printing with us and are able to meet some pretty simple sales requirements, we can build you a branded store using your logo header, and a custom background. These stores will also have links to your common social media platforms like facebook and twitter. Further customization is available upon request and may require a fee.

Information is priceless! We know this, and that’s why we’ve been working hard to build systems that help you get the information you want. From your current inventory to time based sales information. We strive to help you have access to your merchandise and sales information.

Keep updated with current trends and ideas: JSR periodically sends client newsletters with helpful tips and advice on selling online, printing for tours, and social media marketing. we can also help you implement promotions.

Marketing and Promotions. Our marketing team is your marketing team. We both have a common goal, to put your merchandise in your fans hands so that they are promoters of your brand. Our team can help suggest and implement different promotions to make that happen, from straight discounts, to bundles, to cross platform social media contests, we want to help you sell online. We will even help create or design web marketing assets for you to use both on our site and around the web.

Facebook Store: Our web geeks can help you set up a simple store on your facebook page to help promote your products.

Preorders: Preorders are a great way to create buzz, and to help determine print order volume. We can do most of the order process but hold off on final numbers until shortly before press time, to help you maximize your print runs and reduce costs.

Bundles: People like to feel like they are getting a deal, and what better way than buy buying multiple products for less than the sum of them individually? There is also the added benefit of moving more product and/or hard to move product. Grab bags are another way to help move lots of miscellaneous tour merchandise.

Downloads: Our Ecommerce software also allows us to offer downloadable products such as MP3’s or videos.