We primarily use two common types of thread to embroider artists logos or designs. These types are polyester and rayon. The logo and material being embroidered are important consideration for choosing which type of thread. Both types of embroidery thread have their own advantages and disadvantages . We will help you make the the selection that provides the best result.

rayon-threadRAYON THREAD

  • Best for delicate material
  • Smooth and Shiny
  • Soft Finish
  • Commonly used for business apparel, polos, and retail garments


polyester-threadPOLYESTER THREAD

  • Duller shine than rayon
  • Strong, Durable thread
  • Better withstands washing with bleach, detergent, or hot water
  • Common uses are work shirts and athletic garments.



thread-colorsTHREAD COLORS

JSR Merchandising artists and embroidery digitizers can find thread that closely matches your PMS color. If no PMS color is specifically called out in the supplied art, we will do our best to match the screen image. Since all computer screens view colors differently, we strongly suggest you choose a PMS color.

Thread samples are available upon request. Just contact us and we’ll help you choose the thread that’s right for your custom merchandise.

JSR also offers a few specialty thread types. But keep in mind that these types of threads do not work well on all logos or fabrics. Ask your sales rep for more info if you are interested in using a specialty thread.

  • Metallic thread
  • Rainbow thread
  • Color changing thread
  • Reflective thread
  • Neon thread
  • Glow in the dark thread