The merchandising industry has grown and changed as fast as one-hit-wonders fizzle into faded memory.  Merchandising was once as simple as having a merch table with one t-shirt design and a pile of stickers.  Nowadays the options are endless.  Garments can range from appliquéd polyester hockey jerseys to 100% organic cotton tees printed with soy based inks.  Applying your logo can be as basic as screen printing a one color design or as complicated as a finely detailed embroidered trucker cap.  With nearly 25 years in the merchandising business, we’ve seen it all – and we’re here to help you.  We can walk you through the maze of decisions to be made when getting decorated merch for your record label, band, bar, or civic or school group.


Though 100% cotton fabric is the industry standard for screen printed apparel, we can provide anything from very basic and generic tees for promotional giveaways to high end fashion tees for your art house shows.  Hoodies can be zippered or pullover, lined and unlined.  If you’re looking to grab the eco-conscious jam-band crowd, we can source organic and American made stock and inks.  We can find you anything from babydoll tees and boy shorts to heavy duty workshirts and hoodies.  If you can imagine it with a logo or image, we can figure out a way to get it done.


We can embroider your logo on everything from trucker caps to tote bags to towels.  Do you want custom jackets for the band while they’re out on tour?  We’ve got you covered.  We can embroider on most every garment you can think of.  While sturdier garments, such as scali caps, tend to embroider more clearly and cleanly, we have some of the most skilled digitizers around to create the best result for whatever you have in mind.  Send us your idea and we’ll take care of the rest.


Remember, it’s doesn’t have to be just about what you wear, it can be a whole lifestyle.  There are an endless number of other promotional and retail items that can compliment your merch lineup.  From pint and shot glasses, to key chains, pins, and stickers; we can do it.  So you’re planning your Canadian tour, eh?  Have you though about complimenting your usual merch lineup with woven scarves and hats?  Let us help.  We can supply all the items you can imagine for your merch booth, club, client, or business.