100% Cotton TeesThe most common and widely used tees in printing are 100% cotton.  The easy availability and straightforward process of screen printing on these tees can make them very cost effective.  Generic unisex tees are so economical that they’re great for giveaways, special even volunteer tees, work crew uniform shirts, and so much more.  Shirt manufacturers and designers have refined the basic tee into a huge number of specialized fashions and styles for men, women, and even kiddos.  We can print or embroider any cotton tee that can be found in the marketplace.

Cotton Poly Blend MerchandiseCotton/Poly blended tees are sometimes preferred for their wrinkle and shrink resistance.  They are comparable in price and come in a number of styles.  Various colors and fabric weights are available, too.  Some decoration processes don’t work as well on a polyester blend.  Contact us to find out what will work best for you.



Polyester Band T-Shirts100% Polyester shirts are not the same polyester you may remember from the leisure suits on the disco dance floors of the 1970’s.  Modern polyester is specialized for moisture wicking properties and wrinkle resistance.  High performance apparel for sports and other fast paced activities are made with hydrophilic polyester.  They feel great when worn and can be pretty snazzy for leisurewear as well – shag carpets not included.


Eco Friendly Band MerchandiseJust like jam-bands have become more mainstream and popular, so have the eco-friendly shirts their fans request.  Planet friendly options from organic cotton, bamboo, soy and hemp to tees made from recycled bottles or even other tee shirts.  If your clientele wants eco-consciousness to be part of your decorated apparel decision-making process, we can help you find the perfect apparel for the job.  We can source American made garments, too.  Because, you know… ‘Murica.



There are a ton of variables when it comes to deciding exactly what combination of options is best for your needs.  For many people, screen printing is the first and only option that comes to mind.  But there might be a better option for you.  Some common considerations when deciding on the best decoration method are:

  • costBest T-Shirt Printing Fabrics
  • art
  • time
  • audience
  • function
  • garment


We also offer additional services to make your life easier, like application of size stickers and price tags, folding, and poly-bagging.  Let us know what your needs are and we’ll work together to come up with the best solution.